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Additional Links to develop your w.h.o.l.e. Mindset
and Energize the classroom



Life is about being "all in", every moment, every event and every day.  More on the W.H.O.L.E. Mindset.  Additional links below.


Jon Gordon
Leadership, culture and teamwork.

Changing the Game Project
Returning youth sports to our children.

Six Dimensions of Wellness
National Wellness Institute.

Global Wellness Institute

Health and wellness education.

Mark Sanborn

The Fred Factor

Daniel Coyle

The Culture Code

Robert Holden, Ph.D.

Shift Happens

Who Moved My Cheese?
Self Help Parable


Below are 75 Ideas from the book.  Additional resources linked for many ideas.  Others need to be explained by reading the book to understand and implement.  Keep the classroom fun and relevant!


1.  Student Community Service

2.  Partnerships with Business
Community Resources

3.  Outside Student Evaluations

4.  Student Created Books
Student Treasures

5.  Plan a Parent Night Out
Successful Tips

6.  Sponsor a Community Dance
World Dance Day

Senior Citizen Prom

7.  Invite a Parent Into Class

8.  Phone Home Good News
Power of a Positive Call

9.  Plan an Open House


10.  Classroom Newsletter

Free Templates

11.  Organize a Career Day

Planning Tips

50 Ideas

12.  Research Community History

13.  Invite a Local Politician to Class

14.  Email the Media

15.  Construct a Website



16.  Invite a Board Member to Class

17.  Career of the Day

Occupational Handbook

18.  Web Scavenger Hunt


19.  Create a Collage


20.  Online Games

21.  The Perfect Quiz

22.  Challenge Another Teacher/Class

23.  Oral Quizzes

24.  The Wheel of Projects


25.  Market a Team/Organization


26.  Nothing to Do Assignment
This Works Too


27.  Video Presentations


28.  Start a Book Club


29.  This day in.... ?


30.  Students Grade You


31.  Creative Grading


32.  Student Taught Lessons


33.  Peer Evaluations


34.  Journals


35.  Creative Discipline
Hacking School Discipline


36.  Power Lunches
Article Why


37.  Volunteer For a Duty


38.  W.W.Y.D?
What Would You Do?


39.  Free Time



40.  Flexibility
27 Teachable Moments


41.  Student Set Expectations
Create Them


42.  Letter to a Business

Flattery Project


43.  Field Trips


44.  Ethics Bowl


45.  Guest Speakers

46.  Presentations
Try This One - No Words

47.  Share News 

48.  How To Make $ Lessons

Rich Dad/Poor Dad

49.  "Richmondville"

50.  Political Cartoons

51.  Enter a Contest/Simulation



52.  Culture/Diversity Day

53.  Editorial to Local Media

Social Media Presence


54.  Pen Pals 

Online or Snail Mail

55.  Extra Credit
10 Ideas

56.  Set Up Class Like a Business

57.  Student Resumes


58.  Design T-Shirts

Best Sites

59.  Current Event Projects

The Week

60.  Team Teach

61.  Idea Sharing With Other Schools

62.  Multi-Disciplinary Project

63.  Meet Before School

64.  Become a "Looper"

Pros and Cons

65.  You Are The Joke

Be Vulnerable In The Classroom

66.  Food Day


67.  Movies 
Teach With Movies


68.  A Morning TV Show

Build On a Budget


69.  Form a Club


70.  Random Seating


71.  Present or Attend a Conference


72.  Create An Elective


73.  Teach Without a Textbook


74.  Take a Class


75.  Apply For a Grant

Community Foundations
(Check Local)


The above are 75 Ideas from the book.  Additional resources linked for many ideas.  Others need to be explained by reading the book to understand and implement. Keep the classroom fun and relevant!


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