Be the X-ample.

Updated: Feb 23

Work as hard as you want others to work. Be the example to others, be the X factor in your environment or situation, be the "X-ample".

This past year I have worked hard to live this way. The opportunity that has presented itself for me personally, my classroom and the teams I coach, just keeps compounding.

Work as hard as you want others to work.

I always say you have two choices in life, "be a problem causer or a problem solver". I feel when saying this though, there has been a piece to solve problems and have others buy in. Think about it, walking around trying to solve problems can make me seem like a know-it-all. It is difficult to lead when others think you are telling them what to do. I began leading by being the example. As a result, I have more engaging interactions with others. I find focusing on this "Be the X-ample" mentality gives me more positive energy and purpose, opens my eyes to different perspectives, and helps me to be more grateful for my surroundings, regardless of the environment I encounter. It helps me to be W.H.O.L.E. and help others.

Making the conscious choice to "Be the X-ample", means I focus on being a problem solver by being a better person. It has transformed how I lead whether in the classroom or as a coach.

My challenge to all reading this is to "Be the X-ample". Focus on a better version of yourself rather than worrying about others. I bet you will never look back. After all, your wellness, health, opportunity, lifestyle and education, all can be sustained and transformed through your actions, not of others.

It has been very eye-opening for myself.

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