Challenge Creates Opportunity.

Updated: Feb 23

Challenge yourself daily. It can be a physical or mental task, or even a charitable activity. Challenges result in the opportunity to meet new people, build relationships and create new experiences because you are moving forward and DOING!

Being busy because of a daily routine/job or "grind" does not necessarily equal productivity and growth. A daily challenge acts like a short term "bucket list" that is always being emptied and refilled, resulting in continuous experience. Imagine EACH day, having a potential opportunity presented to you. It becomes eye opening, a mindset and creates long-term personal development and growth.

Start today and start simple. A few examples:

Meet new people, build relationships and make new experiences.

  1. Create a Twitter or LinkedIn account then connect or follow people daily. Interact and comment positively.

  2. Set aside time each day to read about something you have a passion for.

  3. Try something new. A new exercise, way to work, a new coffee or food, etc.

  4. Volunteer.

  5. Go to a new event in your community.

All of the above challenges will provide constant connections with people and events. This creates the daily opportunity to become the Champion of YOUR life.

Opportunity is one of the five pillars of the The W.H.O.L.E. Champion Mindset. It is the center of it all. Embracing Opportunity can result in increased Wellness, Health, Lifestyle and Education. Start challenging yourself daily and opportunities/circumstances will be presented to you that you never thought existed. Good luck!

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