Expand Your Zone.

Updated: Feb 23

A comfort zone is not a bad thing. It is a present state rewarding us for our past efforts. There is nothing wrong with an environment where things come easy and we have developed a degree of safety and content. That is why we set goals, practice discipline and work hard. But it should be a temporary mindset. A comfort zone is the result of the end of a journey, not the beginning. Always look to expand, create and establish new ones.

In order to grow we have to have the mindset that comfort zones are staging platforms to pursue new challenges and opportunities. We can explore, energize and expand our mindset to then pursue new challenges and opportunities, expanding to new comfort zones.

Comfort zones are traps when we settle in and stay there. We become stagnant when we fail to embrace new challenges and opportunities. We all know people stuck in this situation. Individuals that rest on their past accomplishments and accolades. They talk about the good 'ol days. I will never understand this mindset. Focus on what you are doing and where you are going, not what you have done.

Developing your mindset and expanding comfort zones is a process.

1. Explore new challenges and opportunities.

2. Energize yourself and be excited to try them.

3. Expand your zone by conquering them.

4. Return to step one and repeat.

Use this process and focus on wellness. Develop better health. Look for opportunity. Pursue the lifestyle you want. Educate yourself to be a lifelong learner. I personally have experienced so many comfort zone changes in my life, there is no way my 18 year old self would recognize my current self. Yes, there are many similarities and overlaps, but the growth that has occured, is result of continuous transformation.

Pursuing new opportunities and challenges will create new comfort zones. That is the point. You should look back on your past self and see change. See growth. See a story of opportunity and challenge. Start today and you will see these things sooner than you realize. Remember, think of the end of a journey as an opportunity to begin a new one.

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