Inhale/Exhale.....Set The Day.

Updated: Feb 23

I find time each day to focus on my breathing. First thing in the AM, in quiet surroundings. It helps me feel alive, energizes me and sets me up for a productive day. Often, I use it to wake up and then get right into a workout, activity or project! I also spend 30 minutes on an early morning yoga video 2-3 days a week. Another useful source I have is the book, 5-minute yoga. A quick google search and you will find apps, videos and more books. For athletes, there is an excellent article by James Leath, about daily meditation. Find what works for you!

Since my junior year in high school, I have always been a morning person. This

is when I started working golf course maintenance, in the summers. I began to realize how peaceful this time of day was. I grew to embrace the time spent outside, by myself. I continued working summers at golf courses throughout college and then still on weekends, when I had a full time job as a teacher. I actually looked forward to waking up at 4am on Saturday and Sunday, after working all week. The alone time, the quiet, nature...gave me a sense of calm, and of purpose.

After my golf course days, it then became walks, bike rides or even simply just a cup of coffee by myself. The early morning is when I have chipped away at writing my book, building websites for others, and continue to discover and craft creative practice and teaching plans.

Time breathing or reflecting could be anytime of the day. The point is to take a few minutes, maybe even several times a day and focus on your surroundings. I like the early morning because I feel accomplished before many have even had their coffee. It sets me up for a great day!

Bottom line, take several moments throughout the day to concentrate on your breathing. Yoga, relaxing, reading, taking in the environment, quiet time or meditation. It really does have a calming effect and over time, will be instrumental in developing your W.H.O.L.E. Philosophy.

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