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Updated: Apr 10

Author of the "Self Improvement Manual" The Ultimate Guide For Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself" (Here is an excerpt from his guide) ---------------- Self Education, The Ultimate Skill: Learn to teach yourself anything “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Self Education: Self education is powerful because it makes it possible for you to build the life that you desire. It empowers you to seek the answer to any question that comes in your way; you'll be able to overcome obstacles, and teach yourself anything. It all starts with asking the right questions, and learning from other successful people. Always remember that you have the free will to explore any curiosity or question that you may have. Nothing in this world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. Learn to look at learning as a self enhancing activity. Anything that you can learn & apply will make you more powerful and effective as a person. Learning expands your skill sets and arms you for the uncertainties of life. Go out, make mistakes, review them, & get better. This is the success formula. I call this concept failing forward, every experience you have teaches you something & makes you stronger. With this mindset, there’s a lesson to learn from every experience. Technology: Youtube University You’re responsible for learning the things you’re interested in. We are blessed to live in the age of technology where we have access to valuable applicable information in seconds. You can find the answer to ANY question you’re willing to ask. The barrier of entry to wealth has never been lower, websites like google, youtube, facebook etc. make it possible for you to build a sustainable stream of income online. Self education is more powerful than formal education, it empowers you to select the things you want to learn about. School often teaches you knowledge that you’ll never apply, imagine instead if you focused on learning & improving your strengths and weaknesses. No longer must you rely on someone else to give you a fish (knowledge), you can teach yourself to fish now by asking the right questions & utilizing valuable resources online. We are interconnected more than ever now and can share juicy concise knowledge with each other. There’s no longer a need to sit in a class for 1 hour to learn a concept a youtube video could teach you in 10 minutes. Asking The Right Questions: Your Compass to Success If you allow questions to stop you from pursuing a goal you’ll never be able to tap into your full potential. If you don’t know how to do something; rather than forget about it & move on start ASKING QUESTIONS. Figure out a way to improve your current situation or circumstance. When you quit on something because you don’t know how it’s done you’re forfeiting a potential learning opportunity. Imagine not wanting to learn about the stock market because you think “it’s a scam” when in fact it’s a great foundation for building wealth. When we’re stuck in our comfort zone, we accept everything as absolute; with this mindset you can’t grow anymore as a person. You’re happy with the way everything is & you refuse to ask yourself meaningful questions. I call this concept living life on autopilot. You must instead take control & make an attempt to be adaptable & learn. If you’re ever wrong about something don’t be upset, be happy that you learned something new instead. Attention: The Mind’s Eye Your attention is like a flashlight shining on anything that it notices. Your attention comprises everything that you’re currently experiencing. It’s components are touch, smell, vision, sound, & taste. We're often bombarded with info & knowledge daily, it is important to be aware of the information that we're consuming because it has an effect on us. By developing selective ignorance, you can block out useless, inapplicable info; and precisely choose what you invest your time & attention into. You are what you consume. This is how you go about self educating yourself, shift your attention towards something you want to learn about. Invest in yourself by getting resources to help you better understand that skill or concept. If you refuse to acknowledge a question then you’ll never get a chance to learn about it. Selective Ignorance: Block Out the Noise Develop an attitude of selective ignorance. This concept means to pay attention to things that are only relevant to you or that have a direct impact on your life. This means you should stop consuming media (news, social media, drama etc.).

Your attention span is only so wide, if you’re selective about what you allow in it you’ll be able to carve your own reality. One such reality where your main focus is your goals & all the noise is blocked out (distractions and negative influences). Learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace. Develop the habit of asking yourself: “ Will I definitely use this information for something immediate & important?” If no, don’t consume it. Information is useless if it’s not applied to something important or if you’ll forget it before you have a chance to apply it. Here’s an illustrated example using a social media timeline: Timeline User A: Follows news accounts, celebrities, drama pages, things irrelevant to their purpose. Result: User A’s attention is completely consumed by drama and constant news. They’re only talking about the terrible events that happened millions of miles away last week or what a celebrity said about someone’s pet turtle. They’re making no progress and are living life on autopilot. This consistent stream of useless information is what drives them. Timeline User B: Follows motivational accounts, financial pages that teach about money, entrepreneurial influencers, accounts related to skills they want to learn. Result: User B’s attention is constantly being stimulated with valuable information. They could apply a concept they learned from a page and achieve results to help them grow more as a person. This consistent stream of useful information will keep them asking questions, pondering new concepts, and setting new goals. There are lots of different ways to use technology. Attention is the new currency, treat it how you’d treat your money. You are what you consume. Practice the art of non-finishing; if something is unpleasant don’t force yourself to suffer through it. Starting something doesn’t automatically justify finishing it. By taking control of what you focus your attention on, you’re able to teach yourself anything. ---------------- For more information about Nazeim's Self Improvement Manual, click the link. (disclaimer: I am an affiliate to his guide).

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