Super Bowl Mindset.

Updated: Feb 23

Today, I will watch Super Bowl LIV along with approximately 194 million other people. It makes no difference to me who wins. I enjoy the day. It is fun entertainment that I share with family and friends.

It is almost a relief when it is actually kickoff. The preparation, the pre game interviews, specials and shows, the commercials, and of course the halftime show. It is difficult to escape any of this. Thousands of individuals work so hard weeks in advance, building up to such a big day. Athletes have dreamed their entire lives for the moment. It is the most watched sporting event in the United States.

Super Bowls lead to career and life changing moments for fans, athletes, entertainers, and businesses. It is a platform that can be used to springboard success or rewrite your story as a runner up.

Bottom line, like it or not, the Super Bowl is an epic event in society.

It is important to treat life like an epic event. I mean seriously focus on what you do each day as the culmination of a super life. Work on and build this daily.

Invest in your own story. It is who you are.

Super day

Super weekend

Super meal

Super day at work

Super workout

Super friends

Super family

Having the mindset that everything you do becomes your storied past and also creates your future, is very powerful. Each day (24 hours) is a new paragraph and each week (168 hours) is a new chapter. Eventually, you have a collection of events and accomplishments that define you or a long list of what-ifs.

If you think about it, that is what makes the Super Bowl so epic. For two weeks prior to the game, stories are told. Stories about players, coaches, their families, the teams and even the organizations. By game day, we cannot help but to be invested into the game, regardless of who is playing. These stories began long before they were told, but that is what has to happen.

This is the secret to life. Invest in your own story. Be epic. Treat your story like your own personal Super Bowl. Work hard each and every day to add to it. Planning is great, but the best chapters will happen when you have the opportunity to explore new paths.

Be super each day. Be all-in. Focus on moving forward. Watch the paragraphs and chapters of your story begin to fill up with great material. Have the mindset that someday, when your entire story is complete, it will be celebrated by those closest to you as the Super Bowl of your life.

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