The W.H.O.L.E Philosophy

Updated: Feb 23

Life is about being "all in", every moment, every event and every day. To be your own "Champion", there are five areas of focus that can be continuously improved on, revised, and revisited, on order to have a "W.H.O.L.E." life. It is important to constantly reflect on these areas and self adjust, as necessary. Below, are my simple meanings for each of the five areas of focus. They will vary in importance to each individual based on perspective, environment or experience. It is up to each individual (or teacher/coach/parent/mentor) to explore and implement them as they see fit.

“Individuals that focus on the five areas of the W.H.O.L.E. Philosophy, have a better chance for success as they define it. WELLNESS. HEALTH. OPPORTUNITY. LIFESTYLE. EDUCATION. Work on continual improvement in these five focus areas

and learn to become a the Champion of your own life.”

WELLNESS Wellness is basically an overall mental and spiritual awareness in regards to your life. Often times visiting this area and reflecting or using perspective, towards a greater meaning. More on wellness from the National Wellness Institute .


Health is considered fitness and nutrition. A sound body helps when trying to work on the other areas. More material on health .


Opportunity is about always looking for new ideas, investments, things to do, and places to visit. Stepping outside of your "comfort zone" and embracing relationships with people you meet. The more opportunity you have in your life, I believe the "luckier" you become. Get a head start on by signing up and/or exploring LinkedIn .


Lifestyle is how you will live life and experience life. It is important to identify your likes/dislikes, favorite foods, climate, people to be around, It gets tricky because there is nothing wrong with adapting throughout one's life as you yourself change. It is very important to continuously reevaluate what suites you. More on lifestyle types .


Education should be a life experience. Acquiring knowledge, research, soft skills, technical skills, building relationships , for anything you do. You should never stop learning as everything around you is constantly changing. More on being a lifelong learner .

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