Energize the Champion in YOU!

Updated: Feb 23

We often think of a champion as the individual that wins a title, or has the

Energize the Champion in YOU!

successful business. Someone who has reached the pinnacle of their career and has defeated and beat out all rivals and competition. How did they reach this point and what was their end game along the way? Was there a process in place when there were barriers and failures. How did they treat others in their journey? Personally, I think there is more to being a champion then simply winning and being solely on top. In this context, champions come and go and are replaced by the next "winner". Athletes age out and retire, business people come up against new technology and competition as well. Ultimately, a winner take all mentality cannot be sustained.

I think that being a champion is a mindset that can last one's entire lifetime. It's parameters will shift and a true champion stays energized through shifting challenges, goals, environments, and situations. Short term, it may mean winning and being number one, but long term it calls for fighting for a cause, a belief, a lifestyle, pursuing opportunities and continuously learning. Focusing on ideals and beliefs that result in becoming a champion of one's life!

A Champion is......


Advocates for others Mentally visualizes the future

Promotes their cause

Influences those around them

Overcomes adversity and

Never gives up!

When focusing on the long term aspect of becoming a champion, the winning and success along the journey will have more meaning and purpose, but will not be the sole events judging an individual. As life progresses and changes, this mentality will help to keep one energized, always looking for the next challenge, event, cause, or opportunity.

Energizing the Champion in YOU, will make the individual, community and environment a better place.

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