Life is about being "all in", every moment, every event and every day. 

To be your own "Champion", there are five areas of focus that can be continuously improved on, revised and revisited, on order to have

a "W.H.O.L.E." life. 


                              WELLNESS is the core.  Mental and spiritual.
                              HEALTH to provide energy and drive.

                              OPPORTUNITY to create new experiences.

                              LIFESTYLE then becomes the sum of all experiences.

                              EDUCATION to learn, adapt and adjust.


It is important to constantly reflect on these areas and
self adjust, as necessary.  They will vary in importance to each

individual based on perspective, environment or experience. 

It is up to you (find help from a teacher/coach/parent/mentor)

to explore and implement them as they see fit.  


The Guide to the W.H.O.L.E. Mindset


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